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A Message from Our Chairman

As we look back at the 2014 midterm elections and the Republican wave that swept the country, we have reasons to celebrate here in California and the Bay Area.
For the first time in two decades, Republicans unseated several Democrats in the state legislature and ended the supermajorities in both chambers.  Republicans gained three seats in the State Assembly, and won two contested State Senate seats.  

Catharine Baker was victorious in her Assembly race in the East Bay, and becomes the first Republican representative from the Bay Area since 2008.  Among the other Republican winners were several women and Asian Americans who will join Catharine in Sacramento. Our Republican delegation has a higher percentage of women than the Democrat delegation does!

Another encouraging sign from the election was the strong showing of our Republican statewide candidates, who each received between 40% - 46% of the vote, which is significantly higher than the GOP registration, and is an outstanding showing compared to historical trends.  Our candidates achieved these results despite being greatly outspent by entrenched Democratic opponents, and they successfully laid the foundation for rebuilding the party in California.
Locally, the SFGOP was very active this election cycle.  Our San Francisco Republican Party slate card, which listed all our endorsed candidates and local initiatives, was mailed to more than 36,000 registered Republicans in San Francisco, and included a Chinese-language version.  The percentage of votes cast  for our endorsed candidates who ran for local partisan offices, and for most of our statewide candidates, was almost double the Republican registration in San Francisco, and in a few races was close to three times higher. Our political affairs and communications teams worked very hard this election cycle, and we thank them.

Thank you to everyone who supported our great Republican candidates with your time, talents and contributions, and most importantly, your votes! Our party’s victories in California are only made possible the steadfast support of volunteers throughout the state, fighting our battles at the local level. Polls show that support for the party nationally is on the rise. Let’s build on the successes of 2014 as we go into the New Year.
Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and a joyous holiday season to all from the San Francisco Republican Party!

Harmeet K. Dhillon

Lincoln-Reagan Dinner Update


We are in the planning process for the 2015 Lincoln-Reagan Dinner and hope to have a date secured in the latter part of April.  As soon as our keynote speaker and date is confirmed, we will let you know.  Please stay tuned!

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