The platform of the San Francisco Republican Party represents principled positions relevant to issues facing the City and County of San Francisco. The core values of the San Francisco Republican Party are individual liberty, personal responsibility, respect for private property and free enterprise, law and order, public health and safety, lean, efficient, effective and minimally intrusive Constitutional government and strong, cohesive families and communities.


Principles and Policy Endorsements


  1. 1.     Good government. Government should be transparent and honest and work for the benefit of all of the City’s law-abiding residents.
  • The City’s bureaucracy should be gradually returned to its size of the 1990s, and thereafter adjusted for automation opportunities and population changes.    
  • The wages, benefits, work rules and accountability of public sector workers should be comparable to those of the private sector. While honoring past commitments, going forward we favor a defined contribution pension system - similar to a 401k, rather than a defined benefit system - and contributions to health care costs by every City employee.
  • Capital projects require objective cost/benefit analyses, and should not be undertaken without clear sources of committed funds.  All capital projects should be competitively bid.
  • Policies and programs should be based on local needs rather than ideological agendas


  1. 2.     Law Enforcement. Public officials should enforce federal, state and local laws including those affecting the use of public space and protection of private property.  Officials should cooperate with outside authorities, including the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Drug Enforcement Administration.  


  1. 3.     Public Safety. Public safety – police, fire and public health – is the primary responsibility of local government. The departments should be fully staffed, the personnel should be fully trained and departments should be adequately equipped. Management should be free from political influence and external micromanagement.


  1. 4.     Economic Climate. Government policies and processes have a major impact on the City’s economic vitality and the resultant welfare of its residents.  We favor a tax structure and a regulatory climate which encourage economic growth. The planning and appeals processes need to be streamlined, clarified, simplified, and expedited to speed the approval and construction or expansion of residential properties and small and large business start-ups.   


  1. 5.     Transportation. The transportation policies and systems of San Francisco should address the needs of all of the City’s residents, commuters and tourists – not just those who rely on public transportation or ride bicycles. Safety and efficiency require that all adhere to traffic laws. We oppose exorbitant fines and the extension of parking meters into residential or mixed use neighborhoods - or Sunday meter enforcement - without the consent of the majority of the residents and businesses in the area.   


  1. 6.     Health Care. San Francisco is a national leader in healthcare, with particular prominence in biotech research and treatment of HIV/AIDS.  We favor support for San Francisco General Hospital, construction of state of the art private hospitals and research facilities and expansion of neighborhood clinics, independent living centers and home hospice services.  


  1. 7.     Education. High quality public schools are a core element of a “family friendly” community and a requirement to provide opportunity for our children in a globally competitive 21st century.  We favor neighborhood schools, parent involvement and choice, the focusing of resources in the classroom and accountability of faculty and administrators.   


  1. 8.     Recreation and Parks. Safe and well maintained parks and playgrounds are an essential component of a community which welcomes children and families as well as for adult recreation and programs for seniors and people with special needs.  


  1. 9.     Housing. Suitable housing at all income levels is a cornerstone of a healthy community.  We support efforts to enable ownership for individuals and families, including encouragement of construction and an end to limitations on condominium conversions. We also favor phasing out of rent control which has made it difficult for seniors to meet their changing needs and for young families to locate in the City. Until rent control is eliminated, we favor policies which balance the interests of owners and renters alike while providing clarity of rules and timeliness for dispute resolution. 


  1. 10.  Environment and Energy. We support common sense environmental protections, including the preservation of our Hetch Hetchy water supply. We favor private sector initiatives to generate affordable alternative energy to the sources which the City currently relies on, but oppose any effort to municipalize utilities and services such as trash collection, recycling and telecommunications.


  1. 11.  Diversity. We celebrate San Francisco’s diversity and oppose discrimination or preferences based on disability, age, race, national origin, religion, gender or sexual orientation.


  1. 12.  Veterans. The nation owes a great debt to members of the military, veterans and their families. Providers of city services should be particularly responsive to their needs.  


The Republican Commitment

Consistent with these core values and principles, the San Francisco Republican Party endeavors to preserve the City’s unique and inspiring history while offering genuine, viable and much needed policy alternatives to address the City’s current and future requirements. We will support candidates and ballot propositions which promote a culturally and economically vibrant home for San Francisco’s families, individuals and businesses.  


Adopted May 2, 2012